Friday, 11 March 2011

de niro selling a car

  • De Niro: Look at the size of that trunk -- you can put three bodies in there. Just kidding. Just trying to levitate the situation.
  • Man: Okay. Thank you. We appreciate it.
  • De Niro: Josh, eh, what kind of car do you drive, anyway?
  • Man: Uh, it's a Lexus 430 LS.
  • De Niro: It's like a... Toyota.
  • Man: It's a Lexus.
  • De Niro: Yeah. Toyota... Lexus... same thing. Japanese, right? Let's not forget Pearl Harbor. Anyway, let's get serious. You wanna buy this car or what? Yay or nay.
  • Woman: Well, you know, we have to think about it.
  • De Niro: What's there to think about? I mean, you told me you liked it. You asked me ten thousand questions, I answered every single one 'o them. You drove it, you love it. What more do you need to know?
  • Man: Errr, you know, it's a lot money, and we just need the time to consider it.
  • De Niro: Consider it! Well, why don't you consider this: you've been breaking my balls for about an hour asking me about every goddam accessory in this car. "What about the light, what about this, what about this?"
  • Woman: You cannot talk to customers like that!
  • De Niro: You're not customers as far as I'm concerned. You wanna buy the car or not?
  • Man: Not from you. I wanna see the manager.
  • De Niro: You wanna see the manager?
  • Man: Yeah.
  • De Niro: I'll show you the manager. Here's the manager, right here. Here's the manager.
  • Woman: Unbelievable!
  • De Niro: You wanna talk to him?
    (To the 'manager': What should I do?)
    (The 'manager': Throw 'em out!)
    You hear him? He just said Throw 'em out. He's the boss.
    (To the 'manager': What should they get?)
    (The 'manager': Tell 'em to get a hotdog!)
    Hey, he just said it. He's the boss!

trunk: coffre
just kidding: je plaisante
yay or nay: yes or no
wanna: want to
to break sb's balls: casser des c******* à qqn
to throw sb out: jeter qqn dehors


  1. Is it "tell them to get a "hot dog" or "Honda"?

    1. A Honda is more logical. And is most probably what De Niro the Salesperson says. Thanks.


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